Frequently Asked Questions | Personal Injury

What Compensation Can I Receive?

Compensation you may be entitled to can include:

  • Payment of your medical bills
  • Compensation for future medical care
  • Repair or replacement of your motor vehicle in an auto accident
  • Medical treatment, whether you have insurance or not
  • Recovery of your loss of earnings and any future losses
  • Reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expenses incurred
  • Maximum monetary recovery for the pain and suffering of your physical injuries, and emotional distress

What Is My Case Worth?

The value of each personal injury case depends upon specific factors:

  • Severity of the injury
  • Permanency of the injury
  • Prognosis
  • Type of medical treatment received
  • Necessity of future medical treatment needed
  • Current and future medical bills
  • The extent of the emotional trauma
  • Length of time required to heal

How Much Will My Case Cost?

We do not charge any fees unless we win your case. Our prices are based on a reasonable percentage of the amount we obtain for you.

Will My Case Settle Out Of Court?

Most cases settle before reaching trial but at the Law Office of Marco V. Rodriguez, LLC, we will do everything possible to make sure you get the highest recovery possible. We never settle your case without your authorization.

Why Choose The Law Office Of Marco V. Rodriguez, LLC?

  • We are committed to excellent client service
  • We care about you and have patience
  • We will respond to all calls and emails promptly
  • We will keep you informed of the status of your case
  • We will make sure you understand each step of the case
  • We have great compassion for the physical, emotional, and financial problems that you have suffered
  • We will do everything possible to get you through this difficult time

How Do I Get Started?

Contact the Law Office of Marco V. Rodriguez, LLC, today to discuss your case during a free consultation. Prospective Maryland clients can call 240-627-6253 or reach out via our contact form.