Save Money By Refinancing Your Home Mortgage

Affording your monthly mortgage can be a significant stressor for residents of Maryland and the Washington, D.C., metro. You may even be worried that you will face foreclosure due to your house payments. Choosing to refinance your home can be helpful. It will replace your current home loan with a loan that has lower interest rates or a better payment period — however, refinancing can have risks.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Marco V. Rodriguez, LLC, can help. Refinancing can be a complicated process. Our team of attorneys will listen to your goals and objectives and provide advice and administration for your refinancing.

We can assist your refinancing process with:

  • Keeping the process moving quickly and cost-effectively
  • Documentation and paperwork
  • Reviewing lender fees
  • Payment penalties for transitioning mortgages
  • Negotiating with multiple lenders
  • Advice if you are facing foreclosure
  • Understanding the rights you may lose by refinancing
  • Avoiding defaulting on your mortgage
  • Banks coming after assets such as your car

Avoiding Refinancing And Lender Scams

The most critical time to have a real estate lawyer on your side is when you suspect a mortgage lender is trying to scam you. Maryland residents are often targeted by refinancing schemes. Scams may target you when you are facing foreclosure and worried about the future.

Our team will work with you to examine all refinancing offers. We know when a mortgage lender is illegitimate. Catching a scam right away will save you from paying fees that never give you financial relief on your mortgage.

How Law Office Of Marco V. Rodriguez, LLC, Can Help

We believe that affordable legal services should be available to everyone. We offer competitive fees for high-quality refinancing service. Our skilled attorney representatives can smooth the refinancing process and avoid targeted scams.

Call us at 240-627-6253 or send us your information and we will set up a consultation with you. We are happy to meet with clients at our Laurel, Maryland, office or wherever it is convenient for you. We serve clients throughout Maryland, the Washington, D.C., metro and Montgomery County.